#90 – I’m So Busy….What’s on TV?

Todays topics incide:

Adventures in jiu jitsu.

When your to-do list seems overwhelming.

CrossFit Games predictions(hot tip – we were wrong).

Does personal success equal a good teacher?

What home gym items are worth it when you’re on a budget?

Psychology in CrossFit training.. 

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#78 – “How Paleo Are You?” Junk-Food Keto, Spring Cleaning, Competitions You Won’t Win, Echelon Front, Ownership in Coaching and Management, Being Yourself, and Living DIet to Diet.

We’re back, baby!

Topics include:

Spring cleaning.
Is ketosis a sneaky way to indulge?
Signing up for competitions that you won’t win.
Setting new goals in CrossFit.
Everett heads to NYC for the Echelon Front Ownership Weekend.
Taking ownership in coaching and management.
Being yourself.
The shift in Paleo from dogmatic to customized.
The 80/20 rule and ‘cheat days’.
Ketosis vs Really Low Carb
Moderators vs rule […]

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#68 – Theoretical Vegans, Calories in vs Calories Out, and Are Supplements Paleo? Plus How Our Ancenstors Put Us In Boxes, What To Look For in Supplement Companies, and Why Cold Baths Work

We had a great time talking with Tony Federico this week. You may know Tony from his work at Paleo Magazine and on the Paleo Magazine Podcast. He’s basically everywhere.

He has dabbled in nearly every type of fitness or diet that exists and he uses his unique experience to create and promote well rounded health and […]

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#67 – The Man in The Arena. Changing and Gaining Perspective, Thoughts on The Open, Pursuing Your Passion, Social Media Pros and Cons, BirthFIT Recap, Kings and Queens, and How to Build A Life Instead of a Resume.

Kristin is back from LA and telling us all about the BirthFIT Coaches Seminar. Shocker: it was about WAY more than how to do CrossFit for pregnant women. Like WAY more.

Topics today include:

Gaining perspective
Choosing appropriate training and scaling
Should you scale the CrossFit Open?
Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.
The pro’s and con’s […]

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#65 – I Don’t Want A Six Pack. Unconventional Thoughts, How To Know You Need A Rest Day, and getting Strong From Home with Noelle Tarr of Coconuts and Kettlebells

Full show notes coming soon!

Topics include:

Vegetarian to paleo. Making the transition. 

When a six pack isn’t the goal

Body acceptance vs body love.

When to know it’s time for a rest day.

Nutrition certifications and creating a niche.

Grab Noelle’s ‘Best Online Program 2017 Nominated’ Strong From Home!

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Catch up […]

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#64 – Eat Like Your Ancestors, Advice for Competition First Timers, and Getting Ready For The Open

Full show notes coming soon!

Some stuff we talked about:

The Paleo Manifesto  by John Durant

Butter Your Broth by Kiersten Peterson @VibrantLifeArmyWife


Catch up with Kristin at thegirlwiththebutter.com or @TheGirlWithTheButter.

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