#58 – The State of CrossFit with Rob Esposito, Owner of Absolute Strength Gym and Head Coach at Long Branch CrossFit

This week, Kristin is flying solo and welcomes back Rob Esposito, owner of Absolute Strength Gym (CrossFit 732 and Long Branch CrossFit), head coach at Long Branch CrossFit and Level 2 USAW Weightlifting coach.

Rob has coached athletes at the 2015 American Open, 2016 Nationals, 2016 University/U25 Nationals and is heading to the 2016 American Open […]

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#57 – Kristen Roberts, the Paleo Attorney on Trademark Law, and What You Need to Do When Starting and Protecting Your Online Business

This week we’re joined by The Paleo Attorney and Founder of Trestle Law, Kristen Roberts.

We talk about:

Trademark law and internet businesses in the health/fitness world
Protecting your online business
When it’s time to hire professionals
How to start your online business or small business
Why CrossFit is so aggressive with protecting their trademark
Trademarks vs Copyright
Do you need an attorney?

Learn […]

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#56 – Natural Healthcare and Raw Diets for Dogs with Amy Marshall of Primal Pooch


This week we’re joined by Amy Marshall, creator of PrimalPooch.com – the source for natural healthcare and nutrition for your dog.

Stuff we talked about:

Raw diets for dogs

Bathing frequency

Exercise needs

Your dogs ‘paleo’ is different than yours.

What ancestral means for dogs.

Allergies and natural remedies.

Natural ways to prevent fleas and ticks and the issues with topical treatments.

Catch […]

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#55 – Thanksgiving Tips, Paleo Stuffing, and Our CrossFit / Foodie Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the annual Thanksgiving prep show and black Friday gift guide! Check back for coupon codes leading up to Turkey Day!

Stuff we talked about:

The Chestee


Rogue Barbells

Lodge Cast Iron Cast Iron Pans

PaleoBug WoodChen Custom Cutting Boards – use WOODCHEN10 for 10% off all orders!

Kramer Knives

Lululemon Leg Warmers


Catch up with Kristin at thegirlwiththebutter.com or @TheGirlWithTheButter.

Get more from Everett at paleofatkid.com or @PaleoFatKid

This episode is […]

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#54 The 2016 Election, Finding the Good in Everything, Looking for Root Causes of Health Issues, Starting a Supplement Protocol and Holiday Prep

We’re talking about our thoughts in the aftermath of the election and why unity and positivity matter now more than ever. Plus some info on how to start a new supplement protocol, moving 1 million pounds in November, focusing on the basics, connecting the dots when it comes to roots causes, and holiday prep.

Catch up […]

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# 53 – Politics, Paleo, and our Year in Review

We’re looking back at our first year of podcasting with a few of our favorite moments, conversations, and topics of the last year. If you’re new to the show, it’s a great way to get to know us a little better! If you’re been around for a while, you may have forgotten about these gems!

We […]

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