Watermelon Ginger Margarita

So I’m dipping back into my boozey roots for a little while. This blog actually started back in 2012 as a craft beer blog. It was titled “It’s Better With Beer”. It was a daily check in of what craft beers I was drinking and what workouts I was doing. Slowly but surely, as the years went […]

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#38 – Tips for Starting CrossFit, Day 1 of the Games, Macros for Mass Gain, and Nitrites in Bacon

Stuff we talked about:

The 2016 CrossFit Games
Rootz Nutrition (use code thegirlwiththebutter for 10% off your entire order)
The Nitrite Myth – ChrisKresser.com

You can find Everett at PaleoFatKid.com and @PaleoFatKid on Instagram

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#37 – Pre Workout, Protein, Supplement Companies, Glocks at the Games and How Supplements are Regulated with Dr.Anthony Gustin of PureWOD

This week we welcome Dr. Anthony Gustin of pureWOD!

Topics include all things protein, carbs, and the supplement industry.

How a chiropractor in a CrossFit gym created paleo’s favorite protein.

Glocks at the CrossFit Games?!

Why you need to know who is making your supplements.

Order PureWOD here with discount code PALEOPODCAST to receive 15% off your order!

Find Dr. Anthony […]

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When All You Want To Do Is Quit

It’s Thursday night, at about 10 pm. I was in bed, attempting to go to sleep but scrolling through Instagram and Facebook instead. Ironic, since I just finished preaching about the importance of good sleep and getting away from screens at bed time. My sleep has been shit lately. It could simply be the hot […]

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#36 – Macros, Recovery, Working Out Anywhere and Livin’ Paleo with Ashley Beaver

This week we’re talking with Ashley Beaver about nutrition for performance and counting macros, how she tweaked her nutrition when dealing with an injury, why you really can workout anywhere and more about livin’ paleo.


Visit Ashley’s Blog at livinpaleocuisine.com

Everett can be found at paleofatkid.com

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When You Have Nothing Nice to Say, Try Shutting Up.


I wasn’t expecting to go on another tirade so soon but here I am. In the past few days, a post from CrossFit Athlete in the SoCal Region, Jamie Hagiya, has gone a bit viral. It was shared by the CrossFit Games, and today (June 30) even by People Magazine.

This means that the picture Jamie […]

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