#63 – WTF are Exogenous Ketones and Why Is Ketosis So Popular_ Ketones, Ketosis, and What It Means for Fat Loss, Health, and Training. Plus Low Back Pain and Injury Recovery w/Dr. Anthony Gustin

This week we welcome back Dr. Anthony Gustin, founder of pureWOD and the new Perfect Keto to talk about..you guessed it…ketones! Exogenous ketones to be exact. Ketone supplements seem to be the newest hot buzz word product ton the market today, especially in the paleo world. We had a ton of questions for Anthony to […]

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#62 – How to Set the Right Goals and Crush Them. All About Setting SMART Goals In 2017 and Making Sure That You Hit Them.

Everett is back from vacation and we’re talking all about GOAL setting in the New Year.

How to set SMART goals.
Why resolutions fail and why we give up on goals.
How to set process goals to make sure you get results.
The biggest mistakes we make when setting goals and making resolutions.
Changing your routine and auditing your time […]

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#61 – Oh My Macros! Carbs, Fats, Proteins and Why You Should (or Shouldn’t) Count Them with Taylor Oclott of She Thrives Blog

This week it’s all about MACROS. Macronutrients, that is, and the nutrition plans based on counting and measuring them.

If you are curious about Macro plans and want to try it out with coaching and a small group, you can check out Kristin’s program, Primal Precision, which starts on Jan 8.

Macronutrient-based plans are gaining in popularity […]

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#60 – Listener Questions (Part 2) – New Year Resolutions, Rest Days, Counting Calories, When Paleo Stops Working, Scaling Workouts, and Our Favorite Things

We’re back with another week answering the rest of your questions!

Topics this week include:

New Years Resolutions
Cooking with fats and counting macros
How to determine if you need a rest day
Favorite picks for podcasts, shoes, and meals
Calorie counting vs Paleo Guidelines
CrossFit inspirational stories and Character Building

Learn more about Kristin’s small group, custom macro-based coaching that starts Jan […]

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2016 Holiday Gift Guide

I know that there are people out there who think that gift giving is commercializing the holidays. That it’s all a wash exchanging things. 

I disagree!

Some of my favorite Christmas memories have been when I got someone a gift that I knew that they were going to love. Watching someone open something you picked out for them […]

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#59 – Listener Questions (Part 1) Exogenous Ketones, Cheat Meals, Blogging, Packed Lunches & Alcohol Sugars

Back to basics and answering your questions! Topics today include:

Exogenous ketone
Paleo vs Ketosis
Packed lunches
CrossFit over 50
Supplements for CrossFitters
Podcast and Blogging inspiration
Alcohol sugars

Ben Greenfield on Ketones and Ketosis pros and cons

Learn more about Kristin’s small group, macro-plan coaching that starts Jan 8 here.

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This episode […]

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