I Just Want to Eat. And Lift.

I’ve spent a lot of time with this blog of mine, trying to discover what it is. What exactly is it that I want to say? What am I trying to communicate? What’s the point?

At first it was beer. Craft beer and CrossFit. Two things that I love.  

Beer, sadly, is now a forbidden love. […]

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43 #43 – (Not So) Paleo In Europe, Water Filters, Eating Snails, Meal Prep Tips, and What to Do When You Drive All Day.

Everett is back and telling us all about his trip to Europe. Non-Paleo indulgences, getting engaged, eating snails and more. Then we answer questions about water filters, meal prepping, and food budget priorities.


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#42 – Choosing Happiness, Why Farmers Matter & Finding What Works for You with Laura Bruner of My Radical Roots

Laura Bruner, CrossFit L3 and Certified Nutrition Consultant joins us to talk about choosing to be happy, counting calories, why she went paleo after being vegetarian, why farmers matter and how to eat for your best health.

Listener questions:

Losing 80 lbs with kids and a job.
Macros vs Calorie Counting.
Trying to gain weight with a fast metabolism.
Pre Workout […]

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Hard Cider Old Fashioned

I’m in love.

With a city.

I’ve spent two long weekends in Burlington, VT over the past six months as a group leader for a new class of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners and I am obsessed. 

First of all. There are dogs EVERYWHERE. While I was busy texting and walking, telling Rob that ‘this city is where all the cool […]

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#41 – All About Coaching. How to Develop CrossFit Coaches, Cerfitications, Scaling, Dealing with Members, and Magic Programming with Rob Esposito

With Everett Still away, this week Rob Esposito is back to talk all about Coaching. Rob is the co-owner of Long Branch CrossFit and CrossFIt 732. He has developed and trained coaches and athletes in CrossFit, youth strength and conditioning, and Olympic Lifting. In 2016 he had an athlete at the USAW National Championships in […]

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Celebrity Trainers and Terrible Advice About Bulking Up, Looking Masculine, and Other Bullshit.

Have you ever seen something so stupid, so asinine, so absurd, that your brain almost doesn’t know what to do with it? When something makes so little sense, and has no basis in any sort of reality, that your mind can’t quite compute what you’re looking at? When that feeling combines with the disappointment that […]

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