#52 – Coffee Talk with Eric Golman of Javazen. Labels to look for, Does Organic Matter? Is coffee healthy? What About Mycotoxins?

One whole year of podcasting is officially in the books! Thanks for all of your support for the last 52 episodes. We have so much that we’re pumped to bring you in the year to come!

This week we sit down to talk about one of our favorite things – COFFEE! We’re joined by Eric Golman, […]

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#51 – Deep Thoughts. Magic of Photography, How CrossFit Teaches You About Life, Communication Skills, Programming and Intensity.

On today’s show, we’re asking each other a few questions. 

Everett tells us about why photography is so special, we discuss how CrossFit can train your beyond just physical improvement, the importance of having conviction of character, having uncomfortable conversations and staying true to yourself when others might not like it, working on communication skills, and […]

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I Killed A Bird. Wing Shooting in Idaho.

We use some words so often that they lose their meaning. Words like ‘amazing’, ‘awesome’, and ‘incredible’.

Was the salad you had last night really AWESOME? You found yourself in awe of that mix of spring greens, and olive oil and lemon dressing, with some shaved red onion and almonds? Delicious. Sure. Awesome? Maybe not.

For four […]

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#50 – Dr. Lindsey Mathews of BirthFIT on Fitness, Pregnancy Myths and Truths, Modifications for Pregnant Athletes, Recovering from a Miscarriage, and How To Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

Topics today include:

Deuce Gym and all the strong people
Pregnancy Myths and fear of asking the questions.
How pregnancy care became male dominated.
Modifications for pregnant athletes.
Recovering from a miscarriage.
Folate vs Folic Acid
The Flu Vaccine and Pregnant Women
Is CrossFit or Weightlifting safe for pregnant women?
Strongman and odd objects in CrossFit gyms. 

Follow Dr. Mathews on Instagram at @Gigemlindsey or […]

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#49: The Stuff You Gotta Have. Gym Gear and Kitchen Tools That You Should Have (and What Might Be a Waste)

Today we’re talking about the CrossFit and kitchen gear and tools that you should have, or have on your list as well as the stuff you probably don’t need.

Other topics:

Being “busy” and nutrition/fitness/routine when you’re traveling a lot.
More on alcohol.
Success in groups for fitness and nutrition goals.

Stuff we talked about:
Instant Pot
Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer
Emersion Blender
2Pood Weight […]

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#48 – Whiskey, Weightlifting, Turning Chores into Workouts, National Foods Days, and Why We Hire Coaches

Topics today include:

What went down at USAW University Nationals in New Orleans and why drinking Sazerac’s all night doesn’t mix with fitness in the morning.

How CrossFit has impacted weightlifting and how lifters can benefit from ‘GPP’.

Coaching…providing programming vs training mental toughness.

Turning house chores into workouts.

The need to de-clutter.

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This episode […]

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