Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Well hey there, friend! It’s been a while.

Lately it seems that all that’s been going up here are podcast episodes. Well, it seems that way because that’s exactly what’s been happening. I’ve been slacking big time. The truth is, I got really caught up in what I thought I should be posting. When I starting this […]

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#34 – STRESS: Managing Stress, Adrenal Fatigue and CrossFit, Game of Thrones and Hunting

Topics this week include:

Game of Thrones Battle of the Bastards
Kristin’s going hunting
Stress, stress management and perceived stress
Adrenal Fatigue and CrossFit
Alcat testing for food intolerances

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#33 – My Mom Hates CrossFit! Is It Safe For Women? Plus Thoughts on Stress, and Hair/Skin Care Tips for When You’re In The Gym All Day.

You’re getting a 100% unedited episode this week because well, Kristin’s computer speakers don’t work and when you can’t hear….you can’t edit. So don’t hold it against us!

This weeks topics:

Chef’s Table Season 2: How GMOs impact the Mexican culinary culture

Thoughts on Stress: Manage it by running out of fucks to give

Listener Questions: How to deal […]

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# 32 – Live Like Buddha- Reflecting on The Message of Chris Moore and how to live a Good life.

This week we’re recapping Paleof(x), and talking about eating Paleo when you don’t ‘have’ to.

We also talk about the sad news on the loss of Chis Moore, aka Barbell Buddha, and reflect on what his philosophy and ethos can do to help us live a Good life, a little better, every day.

If you would like […]

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#31 – “Live” From Paleof(x): Noelle Tarr, Dr. Lindsey Matthews, Joshua Weissman, and Dr. Paul Nolotti

Carbs, testosterone, and muscle building.

Rowing with @joeypro2 on Lady Bird Lake

Dinner at Freedmans with @VibrantLifeArmyWife, @NoCookPaleo, and @RussCrandall

Podcast bomb – Diane San Filippo @diane.practicalpaleo and the Balanced Bites Podcast

Noelle Tarr at and @CoconutsandKettlebells with building your audience

Dr. Lindsey Matthews @BirthFit, – Pregnancy, Fitness, Birth, and how to be a BirthFit affiliate

Joshua Weissman – […]

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#30 – BCAAs & Macros, Paleo & Hormones, Traveling with Supplements, and Moving To a Career in Fitness/CrossFit

We’re answering more of your questions from why BCAAs don’t list calories, how/if we travel with supplements, Paleo and it’s impact on hormones and what to do when you want to make your CrossFit your career.


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