I’m throwing this post together quickly and will update it if I see anything else pop up but here are some of my favorite things that are on sale for Cyber Monday this year!


The Chestee – 15% off the Marble Tiffany […]

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#103 – Thanksgiving: Shopping, Fasting, and Freaking Out

Questions about turkey day answered!

What to buy on Black Friday when you’re new to CrossFit.

Gift ideas for coaches.

Should you fast on Thanksgiving?

I haven’t told my family that I’m paleo and I’m freaking out about it.

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#102 – Soreness On Low-Carb Diets, My Coach Won’t Teach Me Pull Ups, Tips for Olympic LIfting, Collagen vs Gelatin, and Building a Strong Back: Listener Questions

Today it’s another installment of Listener Questions.

Todays Questions:

Increased soreness after training while on low-carb diets for weight loss.
Collagen vs gelatin
How to get a strong back
Hitting extension on Olympic lifts
Learning butterfly pull ups or other skills when your coaches won’t teach you.

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#101 – Is Adrenal Fatigue Real? How Overtraining and Ignoring Recovery is Destroying Your Gains with Laura Schoenfeld, RD

Today we’re talking with Laura Schoenfeld about Adrenal Fatigue, overtraining, under recovery, and the three things that you need to pay attention to.

Topics include:

The difference between RDs and Nutritionists.
Is Adrenal Fatigue real?
What does Cortisol have to do with it?
What are the symptoms?
How overtraining might be roadblocking your fitness.
The three main things to focus on in […]

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#100 – This Podcast Is NOT Paleo. What Paleo Looks Like For Us NOW, Diets Long-Term, Avoiding Sugar, and Why Motivation is Bullshit.


Holy cow! Thanks for listening for 100 weeks of shows! 

This week we’ve got friends of the podcast on to talk about how Paleo has changed for us and answer some of your paleo questions.

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Find Josh at, on Instagram at @JoshuaWeissman, and […]

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#99 – Is Your Baby Paleo? Listener Questions: Fruit fears, tips for lifting beginners, what to do about parasites, and Pre-Made butter coffee

Today we’re answering listener questions:

Kristin – favorite moment from the wedding?

Have you guys tried new Bulletproof cold new pre-made coffee?

Everett – does your wife share the same nutrition beliefs and have you thought about how you’ll start your son on foods when he’s old enough?

Do you think whole fruit deserves such bad rap in terms […]

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