#80 – Eating Windows and Fat Loss, Breakfast, and Becoming an RD – Mini Hitter From Paleof(x)

Today is a quick hitter mini-episode from Austin, TX. Sometimes life gets in the way and you gotta work with what you’ve got. This week, Kristin is answering a couple of questions about shortened eating windows, fat loss, and becoming an RD when you believe in a real-food approach.

We’ll be back full force next week […]

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#79 – Squat, Dead, Bench…Oh My! From Pilates to Powerlifting and How to Be Unapologetically Strong with Jennifer Blake aka “JVB”

Today we jump on the line with Jennifer Blake, aka JVB, to talk about all things heavy lifting.

She is a trainer and strength coach at The Movement Minneapolis where she coaches an ever-growing community of lifters. They are men and women from every walk of life who are looking to become stronger, more functional humans.

In […]

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#78 – “How Paleo Are You?” Junk-Food Keto, Spring Cleaning, Competitions You Won’t Win, Echelon Front, Ownership in Coaching and Management, Being Yourself, and Living DIet to Diet.

We’re back, baby!

Topics include:

Spring cleaning.
Is ketosis a sneaky way to indulge?
Signing up for competitions that you won’t win.
Setting new goals in CrossFit.
Everett heads to NYC for the Echelon Front Ownership Weekend.
Taking ownership in coaching and management.
Being yourself.
The shift in Paleo from dogmatic to customized.
The 80/20 rule and ‘cheat days’.
Ketosis vs Really Low Carb
Moderators vs rule […]

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Why Would You Want to Get BIGGER?! – The Bigness Project


I have been asked this no less than three times since starting the Bigness Project two weeks ago. It is funny to me that people do ask that question though. They’ve even said things like, “You’re pretty muscular already.”. Ok. Cool. Thank you! It took six years and probably upwards of 1000 hours at this point to […]

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#77 – Do You. Be Big. Get Loud! Storytelling, Subtle Sexism, Saying ‘Sorry’, Hypertrophy, and More with Taylor Gage

My friend Taylor Gage from shethrivesblog is back once more as we recap our weekend at the Girls Gone Strong Women’s Strength and Empowerment Weekend plus talk about why we’re getting jacked and tan with the Bigness Project. Plus, Kristin’s new favorite thing.

Stuff we talk about:

What the hell is the WSEW?
Subtleties of everyday sexism
Stop saying you’re sorry
Why would […]

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How To Get A Bikini Body

I know. It sounds too good to be true. I promise though, I have the secret. To getting that bikini body that everyone starts talking about once the spring rolls in. I know the way and here it is. How to get a BIKINI BODY:
Have a body, and put a bikini on it.
Not quite what you […]

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