#77 – Do You. Be Big. Get Loud! Storytelling, Subtle Sexism, Saying ‘Sorry’, Hypertrophy, and More with Taylor Gage

My friend Taylor Gage from shethrivesblog is back once more as we recap our weekend at the Girls Gone Strong Women’s Strength and Empowerment Weekend plus talk about why we’re getting jacked and tan with the Bigness Project. Plus, Kristin’s new favorite thing.

Stuff we talk about:

What the hell is the WSEW?
Subtleties of everyday sexism
Stop saying you’re sorry
Why would […]

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How To Get A Bikini Body

I know. It sounds too good to be true. I promise though, I have the secret. To getting that bikini body that everyone starts talking about once the spring rolls in. I know the way and here it is. How to get a BIKINI BODY:
Have a body, and put a bikini on it.
Not quite what you […]

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#76 – F*ckin Starbucks. Our Favorite People to Follow on Instagram, How Sleep is Ruining Your Fatloss Efforts, Immune Support, Overtraining, Kristin’s Trip to Seattle, and How to Start a Gratitude Journal

There’s a lot packed into this hour. We’re first talking about Kristin’s trip to Seattle and some Hotpoint’s from the Girls Gone Strong weekend, then getting into some topics:

Why sleep is ruining your fat loss efforts.

How to start a gratitude journal.

Our favorite people to follow on Instagram, and why we follow them.

Everett goes on a […]

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#75 – Is it Possible to Train Ambition and Drive_ Dropping Toxic Friends, CrossFit for Marathons, and Variations in Macros

This week we’re debating ambitious, drive, and mental toughness. Can you train it, change it, or are you stuck with what you’re given?

Then answering a few questions about using CrossFit to train for a half marathon, how to vary macros based on your goals, and what to do about friends who are toxic to your […]

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Burlington, VT. Food, Coffee & CrossFit.

This past fall, I returned to the NTA. This time, as a group leader to assist in the next class of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners. There are a lot of choices when it comes to the venue. I took my class in Hartford. Listen, nothing against Connecticut…but Hartford…it was basically a concrete jungle. When my instructor, […]

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#74 – Breaking a Fat Loss Plateau, plus Listener Questions – Whole30, Delayed Muscle Soreness, Must Read Books, Influencing Family and Friends with Healthier Choices, and How to Track Collagen

This week we’re talking about reason why you might be at a fat loss plateau and how to break out of it THEN we’re answering your questions:

Topics include:

Tracking collagen
Influencing family and friends to make healthier choices
Our favorite comedians
Must read books
Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness
Nutrition certifications
Our favorite places to travel (and eat)

Catch up with Kristin at thegirlwiththebutter.com or @TheGirlWithTheButter.

Get more […]

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