#97 – From Triathalons to Triple Extensions. Getting to know Steph Gaudreau of Stupid Easy Paleo (Part 1)

We had a long chat with Steph Gaudreau of Stupid Easy Paleo, so we’re breaking it into two parts for the sake of your attention span. 

This week it’s all about getting to know Steph. She’s telling us about how she transitioned (and why) from triathlons and the quest to be as small as possible, to […]

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# 96 – Probiotics, Ketones, and The Problems With Living Like an Athlete with Anthony Gustin of Equip Foods

This week we welcome back Dr. Anthony Gustin and we’re going beyond supplements and kept today (but we do talk quite a bit about the myths of exogenous ketones).

Probiotics: friend or foe or waste of money?

Living like a professional athlete: stop it.

Will ketones ruin fat loss?

Do ketones make you fat if you’re not eating low […]

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#95 – Eating Gluten in Italy, What Happened to My Fitness After 12 Days Off, and Why Everything Has a Season with Taylor from She Thrives Blog

Kristin is back from her Italian honeymoon and is telling you all about why she chose to eat gluten while she was there and what happened when she did (after being gluten free for 4/5 years).

Also, did her fitness go to shit after 12 days of no CrossFit anywhere in sight?

Plus, Taylor Gage from shethrivesblog […]

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#94 – Life as New Dad, Paternity Leave Problems, Veal in Germany, and Litterbugs

Everett is calling in from Germany and catching us up on life as a new dad!

We’re talking about the experience of childbirth from the men’s side of things, ALL of the food in Germany, paternity leave in the US, vacation life, and just catching up! It’s actually a pretty good one this week of us […]

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#93 – Best Time For a Cheat Meal, Saving Your Hands, Coaches Behaving Badly, and Keto with Autoimmune: Q & A w/Taylor Gage

Taylor from SheThrivesBlog is back for a Q & A!

To learn more about Taylor, visit her at She Thrives Blog or @SheThrivesBlog 

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Don’t freak out! […]

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#92 – Stay In Your Lane: The Intersection of Fitness, Health, Wellness and Social Justice with Chrissy King

Quick note about today’s show. If you listened last week, you know that this week I’m talking to Chrissy King. She is a powerlifter, fitness/nutrition coach, and writer, but that is not the whole topic of discussion today.

After the events in Charlottesville, VA in August of 2017, Chrissy wrote a powerful blog post about why […]

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