Welp. It happened again. I saw something that made me so irritated that the only logical course of action, of course, was to take to the ol’internets.  Before we get into this, I need to offer a disclaimer: This is my opinion. I do not have a medical degree. I am not a midwife. I don’t have babies…that I know of.

What happened, you ask?

Idiots on the aforementioned internet have started a witch hunt for a CrossFitter names Lea-Ann Ellison because she DARED to do something other than sit home eating pickles, burgers and ice cream while pregnant. She lifted weights.

lea ann

Now, let me start by saying no, I am not, nor have I ever been pregnant. I do not know first hand what it entails. I do know, however, that in the event I find myself shopping for booties, you can bet your ass that I will keep working out and lifting weights as long as I can.  Provided that my trusty DOCTOR says everything’s kosher. This is the part that everyone attacking our Fit Friend seems to glaze over. Why do we assume that she has no medical attention and didn’t get her activity level approved by her OBGYN? Because it’s WAY more fun to pretend we’re medical professionals. Just like we all think we’re lawyers every time a big trial happens. Keyboard + Internet – research = Expert.

That’s not even the part that infuriates me. First of all, it’s pretty easy to find out that maintaining a pre-existing activity level is healthy for moms-to-be. It takes roughly twenty seconds of Google-ing. Should the day you find out you’re pregnant also be the day you start CrossFit? Maybe not, but you know whose call that is? Yours and your doctors. You know whose call it is not? Anyone who happens to have internet access. I’m pretty sure a medical degree requires years of schooling, not a few minutes of speculation on a post you saw. Did you even take the fifteen seconds to read the whole thing? To read her point of view? To find out that, she did actually decrease the frequency, intenstiy, and weight level with which she works out now that there’s a bun in the oven? DId you read that “moderate” activity varies by individual? Happen to catch the part where she’s working closely with her doctor to make sure her chosen activity is healthy and safe? Probably not. What did you do? You saw a picture of a lady with a bump doing that sport that you’ve heard is really dangerous but have never tried and you decided it was your place to judge her and provide her with your utterly unsolicited and under informed opinon.

“Vain” and “Selfish” were words thrown around.  Can someone please break it down for me how trying to remain active and healthy during a pregnancy is “Vain”?  Why is there never this outcry for the tykes safety when moms to be post pictures of them chowing down on all of those strange craving foods? Gaining a bunch of weight during your pregnancy cause you ate whatever you wanted,  healthy or not,…You’re right, that’s not selfish. Once again, save your “You’ve never been pregnant!” rants.  I’ve also never had a broken leg, but I know if you have one you shouln’t run on it. It’s called common sense, and I bet this mama we’re all up in arms about has it.  I’m not saying what anyone should or shouldn’t do, it’s not my place and I have little to no education on the matter, like many of the keyboard mob. One gentlemen who clearly has extensive knowledge of the female operating system seemed to think the baby was going to fall out of her right there because she was engaging her core. Yea…that sounds about right.

Her holding a 65# barbell was equated to smoking or drinking. Seriously? So you’re telling me that lighting up a Marlboro Red and chasing it with some whiskey is the same thing as lifting something not much heavier than a toddler? By that logic, women who are pregnant and already have children should not be permitted to lift that existing child. Seems legit. Sorry kid, you’re on your own. Time to break in those little legs. If you want to take the extra step you can check out the CNN article (because there’s NOTHING more serious going on in the world right now that CNN should be paying attention to).

Yes, I know that a CrossFit workout is not the same thing as simply hoisting a two year old.  Is it really something so outrageous that it needs to end up on national news radar? The answer is no. Why is it no? Because it’s none of our goddamn business. Yes, I see the irony in that statement. It’s none of our business, yet here I am bitching about people bitching about her. It doesn’t escape me!

Maybe we should see Lea-Ann as she really is – a bad ass inspiration.  Being pregnant doesn’t mean you are suddenly lesser than. Suddenly a glass vase. If anything, you’re finding out how insanely ridiculous your body is in what it can handle. I mean, the very thought of childbirth is (I can only assume) way harder, more painful, and probably more dangerous that anything you’ll ever encounter in a CrossFit box and you can’t tap out halfway through if your back hurts.

So Lea-Ann (not that you’ll ever read this), keep doing what you’re doing and when you’re body snaps back after you pop out #3 and everyone wonders why, point to this fire storm of how ‘unhealthy’ you were.

Carry on, ladies.