There are a few things that make me very happy.  Two of those things are food and beer.  Now, don’t be mistaken. When I say “beer”, I do not mean that light yellow, 90 calorie, barely-there, light lager style beer you grow accustomed to on a college campus that…let’s be honest..may as well be fizzy yellow water.  I mean any one of the FULL flavored, FULL calorie, FULL carb, FULL bodied, delicious, creative, inventive, interesting craft beers that are (happily) readily available for consumption.  When I say “food” I CERTAINLY do not mean a grilled piece of bland chicken with some simple greens eaten like a tiny baby bird.  In this case, I’m referring to things along the lines of hearty stews, rustic shephard’s pies, gooey anything-with-cheese-in-it, and big old slabs of steak.  Unfortunately, neither of these things lend to the healthiest of lifestyles and not requiring a seatbelt extension upon flying…so what to do?

I firmly believe that there is a joyous medium somewhere between gluttony and total restriction, boring and excess. I believe that you can, indeed, have your beer and drink it, too.  As much as I enjoy being fit…I am not willing to give up spaghetti, meatballs, and an Imperial IPA to achieve it.

Now, I’ve tried to blog before.  First, it was a site called, where I attempted to drink 365 different beers and do 365 WODs over the course of a year. I did pretty good! But (and there’s always a but), after a few weeks of not being able to get to the gym, and not wanted to drink everyday in sweats absence, I fell too far behind to even consider catching up without doing some seriously aggressive drinking and 4 time a day workouts…which a balanced life does not make. After that, I tried another where I PLANNED on talking about beer, bars, and events that involved beer.  I couldn’t figure out where to start and posting never even went past day 1.

So why another endeavor?

Well, I keep sharing healthy recipes. I keep talking about beers.  I keep sending people to good restaurants. I keep doing new WODs everyday with new goals. I keep having new roadblocks, struggles, and hurdles that I think you might have, too.

Since a strict format didn’t seem to fly with me, this third effort is going to be simply whatever I feel like posting.