You can’t really talk about Crossfit without eventually talking about cheaters.  It happens all the time. I am one of the people who allow myself to get simply irate about other people skimming reps, half-assed reps, or skipped rounds.  Why is it that I let something that has nothing to do with my own progress get me so unbelievably pissed off?

Many of the CF WODs are timed, and others are for max reps in a certain time period.  This creates two things: First, it gives you something to record and compete against YOURSELF next time you do that workout to track your own improvement.  Second, it creates a competitive environment that (if you’re like me) makes you want to win every time and in turn, push yourself harder (most of the time, at least).  The only problem here is that if you ARE competitive, and focus on winning more than what you’re getting out of it, when you see the cheaters posting times or reps that are faster or higher than yours…it’s infuriating.  The catch-22 is that you spend so much time worrying about these cheaters that you jip yourself out of why you’re there in the first place.

It’s something I have had to work on…not caring if the person next to me only did 6 reps and said it was 12, or finished at 21 minutes but told the coach 18, or not even coming close to breaking parallel in a squat and crushing everyone’s time who did it right, and instead making sure that I get the best workout I can and the best time I can get…regardless of what everyone around me is doing.  It’s been a struggle but during one tough WOD about year ago I took a step in the right direction with the WOD.

The WOD…

7 rounds for time:

* 7 Front Squats – 95 lbs
* 14 push ups
* 21 wall balls – 15 lbs

My Time: 27:45….I think.

I say I think because at the end, after I had stopped and gotten my time, I did another round. Why? Well, I HATE front squats. I feel like I am going to burst into tears after a few of them so even just 7 rounds sounds daunting.  When I was on what I THOUGHT was my 5th round, I was told ‘No…you’re on 6.’ SWEET!! Only two more to go! When I finished and got my time, beating a few people I could have sworn were ahead of me, I started to think back…

…did I really do 7 rounds? Am I 100% positive?

So, since I constantly bitch and moan about people cutting out early, and I was not completely sure, I decided to say screw it and do another round.  Could I have kept my time and say ‘Hey, other people skip stuff all the time…I posted a good time’? Hell yes. I hated this workout I was happy it was over.  If I did that though, not only would I be just as bad as the people I scoff at and be a hypocrite to boot, but I would leave feeling less than satisfied with my performance.  That last round taunting me all day.  So, I decided to say, screw the time…I want to do this right. That last round was not fun…but at least now I KNEW, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I had done the full 7 awful rounds…And I did it for myself, not to “win”.

I’m growing up!!

Next time you miscount or lose track of reps…do a few extra..just for yourself and your sanity.