You will want to have a few things always in the fridge. Again, I make this list with the things I think you’ll use often or things I know make good ‘in a pinch’ meals in mind. These are just things that are always on my shopping list. Anything that I know I need to have in there all the time.

  1. BUTTER! Pastured, grass fed butter. I love Kerrygold.  Get salted and unsalted (for bulletproof/butter coffee, obviously).
  2. Eggs. Enough said. Get good eggs. Local and pastured if you can.
  3. Hot sauce. Check that label! I put it on eggs, chicken, in sauces, crap…it goes on anything.
  4. Coconut aminos – substitute for soy/tamari sauce.
    Cocnut aminos
  5. Proscuitto. Just contains pork and salt. Greta for a quick snack with some nuts or fruit.
  6. Date puree. Dates blended with water. I use it as a sweetener in shakes and baked things, like my compliant cupcakes.
  7. Salsa. Also a great thing to have to add flavor and build a meal in a pinch.

Not suitable for all (or any) levels of Whole Life Challenge, but good for the average Paleo/Primal kitchen:

  1. Dijon mustard
  2. Quality Maple syrup
  3. Bacon (There are sugarless brands out there, but for WLC if sugar is listed on the ingredients, it’s a no-no. That being’s a staple the rest of the year.)

In the freezer, I try to keep some back-up meats that I can thaw out and make a meal with if I forgot to go shopping or don’t have time to go to the store.  I also keep things I like to have in shakes (fruits), or things I buy in bulk and thaw out as needed (frozen wild caught shrimp).

  1. Chicken (breast, thighs, whole)
  2. Ground beef – Whole Foods will put the good grass-fed stuff on sale. When that happens – STOCK UP!
  3. Sausage – Jones All Natural has a line with just Pork, Spices, and Salt as the ingredients so I stock a ton of this on a regular basis for breakfasts (any really, any other meal).
    jonesjones ing
  4. Wild caught shrimp
  5. Bananas. Frozen bananas make great shake additions.  If you blend with some almond butter or berries, it’s very much like ice cream.
  6. Berries – excellent snack option any time of day.
  7. Grapes. Frozen grapes make for an excellent desert when you start craving something cold and sweet on summer nights.
  8. Applegate Hot Dogs! They’re clean, quality, and are really great to have around in a pinch.