Today I was running late because my sweatpants had gone missing (turns out they were under the bed…Monday, morning…cut me some slack) so I didn’t warm up as much as i would’ve liked to and skipped over some of the strength work.  I went right into the Primary Strength lift for the day : 1 Rep Max OverHead Squat

95#, 5 x 5 from a cold winter day last year…hence the uggs.

I ended up at 135#, which is a best for me, but also I know I can probably get a bit more on that barbell. My coach wasn’t 100% thrilled with my form- my knees have a tendency to buckle inward, which not only weakens the lift, but puts me at risk for an injury.  It’s something I need to focus on: pushing the knees outward throughout the entire range of motion.

Then we got into the main WOD:

Another double hitter today.

1) “Isabelly”
30 Dumbell Snatches (each arm) for time (60/40#)

2) 100 Overhead Squats (65/45#)
This one sounds roughly 1,000x easier than it actually is. The first 20 are no problem, especially after maxing out on the same lift. Let me tell you though…after say, 30, are down…that barbell might as well be loaded with plates. Holy moly. It’s one of those workouts that, while it’s happening, you want to murder anyone just to make it stop. Once it’s over though…in hindsight it really wasn’t all that bad.