vovatol 1 200x300 Olympic Weightlifting

One of the things that makes MY Crossfit Box (Crossfit732 in South Amboy, NJ) really unique is that we have 3 x per week Olympic Lifting classes with a coach who actually knows what he’s doing.  Not some random kid who went to a weekend cert, but a guy who’s really been there, done that. Our coach, Vladimir Mikhol has a resume that makes you WANT to do what he says:

7 years on the South Russian State University Olympic Weightlifting team
Candidate for Master of Sport of the USSR in 1985
6 years as Coach for that same team
Trained with David Rigert, current head coach of the National Olympic Weightlifting Team.

Why do Oly? Well, how do you expect your Grace (30 Clean and Jerks) or Isabel (30 Snatches) or ANY WOD involving these movements or any variation of these movements to improve if the only time you do them is in some Met Con when you’re going hard and fast for time? You can’t. You need to take some time to actually train and work on them. There’s a technical aspect, a skill to them that requires focused training. You’re a fool to think otherwise. Yes, a fool, I said it. And if your gym thinks that five minutes of reviewing a snatch just before a WOD is sufficient…you need to find another gym. Now.

That’s why people associate Crossfit with injuries.  Doing highly technical movements with high weight for high reps super fast with poor form WILL result in an injury. It’s pretty simple. How do we avoid these injuries? We take a few hours a week to practice.

Unfortunately, some believe that all you need to do is hit a crazy ass metabolic conditioning workout that leaves you on the ground and sore for three days a few times a week and BAM! You’re on your way to being the fittest in the world! Sorry, wrong! You need to train to be GOOD AT EVERY ASPECT OF FITNESS. This means strength, speed, agility, endurance, gymnastics, balance, and yes…Olympic lifting fits right in. Make it a part of your training schedule.

Olympic Snatch 300x300 Olympic Weightlifting

Here’s today’s OLY workout:

5 x 5 Muscle Clean
5 x 4 Split Jerk
5 x 5 Deficit Clean Pulls
4 x 5 Front Squat

Work up to a heavy work set for each movement.