This smoothie is insanely delicious. The orange really works wonders in not only providing juice, but the tart sweetness covers up any trace of bitterness from the spinach.  I’m going to be making this OFTEN. I feel that when making smoothies, you have to make sure you get all around nutrition (ESPECIALLY if the smoothie is going to be your meal), which I don’t believe a big cup of just fruit provides.  I believe it’s important to add some greens and a source of protein as well.  If you want to add some fat by way of avocado or coconut milk then thats great, too. I added a raw egg to this one for some protein and fat, but if you have a powder you prefer to use, go for it. If you are going to use a raw egg though, make sure you buy local, cage free, fresh organic eggs. I think it added a nice creamy texture to the shake, and it adds zero in the taste department.


Ingredients for 1 large smoothie:

5 oz coconut water
1/2 cup pineapple
1/3 cup frozen mango (a few chunks)
1 orange, peeled (I used a navel orange)
Handful fresh spinach or 3/4 cup frozen
1 tsp vanilla (alcohol free if on WLC, or the insides of a vanilla bean)
1 raw egg (or protein powder of your choosing)

Blend and enjoy.  It came out really thick, so I added a splash of water post-blitz to loosen it up a bit.

Happy blending!