We’re now offering Kristin’s Primal Precision program at Long Branch CrossFit as an extension of our Eat With Purpose Seminar. Below are some of the success stories for past participants.

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a775a16c-3660-4911-af7a-d62c32c7462dKristin, 33
Joined to improve performance in the gym and reduce body fat without sacrificing her health and 
sanity. It’s not about the scale!
“For the past couple of years I had been following a predominately paleo diet (avoiding gluten at all costs, eliminating most dairy and grains, eating real/whole foods) but never really paid attention to the quantities of food I was eating (was quite liberal with my use of healthy fats, protein, carbs, etc because I love food and hey, it was paleo so it must be fine).  I started doing crossfit and was excited about feeling stronger and in better physical health, but I also felt like I could do/feel/look better than I was.  I admit, for someone eating paleo and working out regularly, I didn’t look like an athlete. I was by no means overweight, but I had some work to do. 

For the first time in my life I truly feel like I look like an athlete…that all of my hard work at the gym and with making smart decisions about what I am putting into my body is paying off.  The results speak for themselves and I couldn’t be happier with the progress that I’ve made.  Whether your goal is to lose weight, perform better at the gym or build muscle mass, I cannot recommend this program enough.  Six weeks is all it takes to start seeing some real changes and to get into a groove with making healthy choices…but you may end up like me and stick around for a couple of months because the results, accountability and support from the program (from Kristin and the group) are life changing and totally worth it.”


Britta, 26
When surgery put her training on hold, she wanted to maintain body composition and muscle mass during her recovery.
Read all about Britta’s experience on her blog, 
Necessary Thickness: “Primal Precision Was the Best Decision“, here is an excerpt:

“It’s been 48 days since I moved without injury, since I felt like I earned my food, since I touched weight, since I have done ANY cardio. Those 48 days aren’t close to being over. Recovery is a bitch, yet, a necessity. However, in 48 days, I have lost inches in my waist, hips and butt. I have maintained muscle tone throughout my body without having lifted a single weight since June 8th. Kristin is supportive, she is smart, she takes no shit. Part 1 of her program is a 6 week nutrition plan that she creates for you personally. For me, she made sure I understood the importance of still getting a certain amount of carbs/fats/proteins and how it would impact my recovery. She was right.”


Doreen, 55
Joined PP to make weight for first weightlifting masters comp.
“For a long time, I struggled with matching my performance and aesthetic goals. Although I was progressing with strength training, I was not happy with the aesthetics as I wanted more muscle definition. Once I joined the Primal Precision program, both sets of goals started aligning and progress happened in a slow but steady fashion. It was the missing key toward what I was after.  As my strength and confidence increased, I wanted to test myself by participating in an Olympic weightlifting competition. Trusting the process and following my PP macro plan took away all (well most lol) worries of meeting the weight requirement on comp day. Not only did I easily make the weight but I PR’d my snatch and qualified for nationals in my age and weight class. I still get shivers whenever I think about it. If you are willing to put in the work, make some changes and trust the process, the  PP program will not disappoint.”

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Brittlan, 25
Joined PP to prep/make weight for USAW University Nationals.
“My experience with Primal Precision was an overwhelmingly positive one. I am a competitive weightlifter and was looking for a long-term, sustainable way of eating that would not only help fuel my performance in training/competition, but also keep me comfortably within my weight class. After six weeks on the program, I could not only see the increase in my strength, but I also leaned out, I was recovering better, and I was feeding my body exactly what it needed to keep it happy – both physically and mentally. I took the tools and numbers Kristin equipped me with during the program and have successfully carried that into my daily life – long after the program officially ended for me. Primal Precision was everything I thought it would be, and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who is serious about dialing in their nutrition to reach whatever goals they have in mind.”


Elissa, 33
“Primal Precision has been a game changer for me. After years of diligent workouts and eating “healthy” but no changes to my body, I decided I wanted to try something new. A friend recommended Kristin’s group and although I was initially skeptical (eating more than I ever have is going to help me lose weight?!!!), the results speak for themselves. Primal Precision gave me the tools,  support and just the right amount of competition I needed to get closer to my goals than ever before. It wasn’t until I tried on this dress I bought for my best friends wedding months ago that I truly saw how my body transformed. Thanks, Kristin, you’ve taught me what counting macros is all about!!”


Shannon, 30
“I have tried everything from caloric restriction, to paleo, to (multiple) Whole 30s. I Crossfit 5 days per week and I have a physically demanding job. Despite not being ‘over-weight’, I couldn’t figure out what else I could do, to get the lean body that I knew I should have. I was beyond frustrated and I was so emotional about it. It was all-consuming.  I happened upon Primal Precision through a friend on Social Media and despite the feeling of ‘this will probably be nothing more than another unsuccessful whole 30 attempt’, I figured I had nothing to lose, so I signed up for 6 weeks.  I literally saw visible results after 2 weeks, and by 4 weeks, I was absolutely blown away. For the first time I was allowing my body what it NEEDED, rather than restricting it, and I got the results I was looking for. This program is refreshing, satisfying, and manageable. I have never seen body transformation results like I did doing this program.  Thank you Kristin for sharing your knowledge and motivation to help me reach my goals!”


Julie, 26
Primal Precision is so much more than getting your macro levels! Kristin does a great job setting you up for success, but the Facebook group is the best part of the program! The group interaction is so supportive and everyone is willing to share what they are winning at or help another person who is struggling with something. The group accountability really helped me see results and with Kristin pushing and adjusting my macros, that’s exactly what I got! The entire experience was great!” 

To learn more and sign up for the group, which starts 1/15, click here –
(chose LONG BRANCH CROSSFIT and select LBCF Nutrition w/Purpose)