I’ve spent a lot of time with this blog of mine, trying to discover what it is. What exactly is it that I want to say? What am I trying to communicate? What’s the point?

At first it was beer. Craft beer and CrossFit. Two things that I love.  

Beer, sadly, is now a forbidden love. One that I keep toying with the idea of a clandestine meeting with, but I’ve yet to decide if I’m willing to pay the digestive price of admission. I digress.

As time went on and my life evolved, as did the blog. Nutrition, health, recipes, Paleo. 

I’ve struggled lately with being inspired and determining what exactly I want this this to be.

I felt like I had to write recipes. In all honestly, though, I’m not a big ‘recipe’ person. Yes, I cook every day. I thoroughly enjoy it. Truly. But the idea of figuring out exactly how much of what I’m putting in everything was never fun for me. I did it out of feeling that I had to. My life in the kitchen normally consists of me throwing things together with little rhyme or reason. Sometimes it turns out great and I think, “I should post this!”…  never do.

Nutrition articles. Sure, I like to spout of sometimes about the benefits of healthy fats and tips for a healthy thyroid. When there’s something i really want to tell you about, I do. The real, gritty, nutrition stuff though…we already have people for that. We have Robb Wolf, and Chris Kresser, and Sarah Ballantyne among countless others for that. They can do it better than I can, anyway!   

So I started to look through my Instagram feed. What do I post most often?

I started to think about when I get most excited. What are the things that really make me thrilled and giddy?

I pondered what it was that I found myself constantly being the one my friends went to for. What questions was I getting all the time?

When I go somewhere like Polyface farm, what are my first thoughts upon my return home?

After a few weeks of marathon watching Anthony Bourdain, and now the PBS show, ‘I’ll have what Phil’s Having’. I realized what I should be writing about.

Not what to eat. Not how much. Not if it’s Paleo or not.

My mistress is WHERE to eat.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 1.41.46 PM

I post most often when I find cool, unknown, funky places that are using real food, local ingredients. Coffee shops with quality brew, and maybe a few french macarons. I watch shows of chefs with respect for the land and their produce. I see sharing special meals as an event. Finding restaurants an adventure. I’m the one who my friends call when they’re traveling and say, ‘Hey, we’r in Salt Lake City…can you find us a place for dinner?’. There are tricks to finding these gems, and it’s time that I share them with you!

 When I go to Polyface Farm, and see the bounty and beauty of nature and what it produces, I don’t want to go home and start a garden…I want to go to the restaurant in town that I know is using farms like this to feed their customers. The ones who have respect for the ecology of farming. Who see it as more than simply what’s on your plate.

Restaurants make me happy. A chefs mind, to me, is a mystery. Even though I cook often, there are flavors that when I see them together on a menu, can’t imagine how the combination came to be. Chefs are, as Anthony Bourdain puts it, not artists, but craftsmen (and women). I’m excited by those who are experts in their craft. Finding new places to enjoy a delicious meal with the people who are important in my life is where I’m happiest. Hell, enjoying a meal by myself makes me happy.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 1.42.02 PM

At Paleof(x) this past May, we went to Barley Swine for the chef’s tasting menu. It’s not cheap. I was trying to explain to Rob why I have no qualms spending $200 on a meal, but I cringe at spending $50 on a shirt. When I see something like a chef’s menu, I know that every element on that plate was carefully considered. That someone is back there, putting a puzzle together, with one sole intention: To make me, the diner, happy. There’s something simple and beautiful in that, even in the most complicated of dishes. The first time we went to Barley Swine three years ago, I honestly almost cried it was so good. I was just so happy and thankful to be there. To be experiencing that. I would gladly spend every dollar I ever earn on eating my way through the world.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 1.41.17 PM

We’re currently pretending to plan a wedding. I say pretending because we really haven’t done much. I struggle with the amount of money we may be spending because I see those hundreds of dollars and ones that could be spent getting us somewhere…eating something, experiencing a place and the food…instead.

They say that the path to happiness is to do what you would do if money was no object. 

What would I do?

I would travel. I would workout. I would eat. That’s it. 

When I go to a new place, my goal is to experience it through the food. I want to eat somewhere, have something, that I can’t have at home. I want to find the hidden delights. The stuff that the folks who actually live here are excited about. Not the stuff on Yelp.

So why have I been forcing myself to be the ‘recipe’ girl? I’m the restaurant girl.

I’ll still post recipes from time to time. When there’s something new that I make that I think you’d really enjoy. I’m still going to throw up cocktails because, let’s face it, those are easy and quite frankly…fun. I’m absolutely going to keep writing when I’m inspired about things like Shitty Advice from Fitness TrainersFit Shaming, CrossFit Etiquette, and my thoughts on various nutrition topics. It’s not like I’m overhauling the those dang thing.  Why wasn’t I putting up recipes all the time? Because I don’t like writing recipes. You’d think that I would get the hint, right? In my effort to write about what I’m really into, things are going to start shifting a bit away from recipes (which, let’s face it…I don’t put many up anyway) and more to my restaurant, coffee, and treat finds. A little more of a guide for you on ‘where’ to eat.  

Farm to table.
Gluten Free.
Family owned.

These ar the things that I look for when traveling and eating out. These are the things that help me find the best of the best. These are the things that excite me. These are the things that I will be sharing with you. 

More about drop ins at other CrossFit gyms around the country. I’ve dropped in a lot. I’ve met a lot of great people and have so many gyms to recommend to you! In getting caught up with what I thought I HAD to write, I never actually wrote about what I WANTED to write. Where I ate and where I trained!

I’m not sure how I’m going to structure it yet, but the website may get (yet another) makeover. 

Before I leave you today, consider what lights YOUR fire. Don’t do what you think is expected of you. Don’t do what you think others want. Do what brings YOU joy. What excites YOUR soul. What lights YOUR fire.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 1.41.55 PM

Your voice is your alone. You do not need to change it to fit a mold that you believe others want to hear. Go towards what calls you. 

Stay tuned.