I’m throwing this post together quickly and will update it if I see anything else pop up but here are some of my favorite things that are on sale for Cyber Monday this year!


The Chestee – 15% off the Marble Tiffany and 20% off the Kiki Leggings plus discounts site-wide
If I ever see heavy or high rep cleans or shoulder-to-overheads in a workout, I am going to show up in my Chestee. The protective padding gets rid of the barbell smacks to the collar that we know and love. The Tiffany was my fave for a while…but now I’m pretty heavily into the ‘T’. 

ENSO Rings– 30% off and Free Shipping
Enso is another brand of silicone rings, but they have this ‘elements’ line that actually looks like metal. I have the rose gold one and am buying the copper one today to layer them. I was skeptical of the whole silicone ring thing at first (why the hell do I NEED to wear a ring for the one hour I’m at the gym?!), but now I wear it when I’m going right from coaching to class or when I spend a weekend at a seminar or cert (like the CrossFIT L2). Definitely not a ‘necessity’ item, but I can definitely see the applications. 


Passion Planner – $10 off All 2018 planners between 10am-1pm PST and $5 off the rest of the day
This is a SUPER small business found by a 26 year old women named Angelia. How cool is THAT? They’re still doing, packing, and shipping everything by hand with friends and family, so the deals can’t be huge which I totally get. That being said, I LOVE my Passion Planner and already have my 2018 ready to go.


Perfect Keto and Equip Foods are having a MASSIVE cyber Monday on select items
At Perfect Keto, you can get 40% off of their Perform Pre Workout and the Keto Microgreens. Over at Equip, you can pick up Collagen, Mixed Berry Micro Greens, Prime Plants (Plant-Based Protein, Turmeric Blend, and the MAC DADDY – Prime Protein ALL at discounts ranging from $9-$20 off.  


Fat Co. – 20% Off and Free Shipping
Natural Skincare Products that I love. The Oil Cleanser is the first oil cleanser I started with a few years ago and now it comes in a much easier to use pump dispenser. The Fat Stick has been a go to of mine forEVER. Basically, it’s all good and it’s all junk and chemical-free.

Here are some more deals that are floating around there. I’ll do my best to add as they pop up through the day:

Beauty CounterFree body oil with purchase of $175 or more. Purchase the Countermatch Collection for $48 (regularly $68). Put one of my buds in there as your consultant: Laura Bruner (myradicalroots.com) or Noelle Tarr (coconutsandkettlebells.com).

Vital Proteins: Free 5 oz Collagen Peptides with $75+ purchase with code PEACELOVECOLLAGEN