It’s that time of year fellow CrossFitters! The search for the fittest man and woman on Earth will kick off tomorrow, March 6, when the first WOD is announced at 8:00pm EST! For the next 5 weeks, athletes in boxes and garages all over the world will be “proving their fitness” in a series of five workouts.  Over 60,000 people world wide will be logging onto their Games profiles in order to submit their scores (either validated by a registered affiliate or via video submission) in an effort to compete with the fittest people on earth and prove themselves on a worldwide playing field.

The CrossFit Games are made up of three levels: The Open, Regionals, and The Games. The Open is the first step, “The Season”.  It is a five week period in which anyone, anywhere is invited to complete in a series of workouts (one per week for 5 weeks), designed by CrossFit in order to comprehensively test every athlete’s fitness, mental strength, and skill.

The workouts range in skill level, from movements as basic as burpees, to the dreaded and ever-desired muscle up. It is written so as to allow anyone to participate in some capacity, to see where they stack up, while finding those who will astonish us in Carson this July.


After the five weeks are over and the leader board is complete, the top 60 athletes from each of the 17 regions around the world will head to round 2: REGIONALS.  A grueling three day competition, where these top ranking individuals and teams will compete under the critical eyes of Certified judges.  For the second year in a row, each regional competition will consist of the same workouts.  This means that fans can compare their favorite athletes all over the globe. From there, each region will send the top three men, three women, and three teams (at most) to the Big Show; The Crossfit Games at the Home Depot Center in Carson, California July 22-28 for the toughest days of WOD competition on the planet.  After completing the unknown workouts, the fittest two people on Earth will be crowned.  Will we see a THREE-Peat from Annie Thorisdottir and Rich Froning? Many scream “Yes!”, but there’s always someone chomping at the bit to take the throne. After all, as we all know, fitness is just one part of CrossFit…it’s mental toughness and HEART that make the trifecta.

Everyone registered to compete has a different goal.  Some strive to go to California, some want to make it to regionals, thousands are dying to see how they stack up against the 60,000 other CrossFitters all over the place and many, like me, want to out perform their biggest competition from last year: THEMSELVES.  We all get so accustomed to where we stand within our own boxes, competing against the same people everyday, even just focusing on our own PRs…but how do we fare when we’re up against North Cali, or England, or Australia? The Open adds a new level of competition and for first time registrants, a brand new level of excitement that just might reignite that fire under your ass!

For many CrossFit newbies, the Open is a confusing, intimidating new adventure. The beauty of it, is that it’s something that so many can take part in. Once a year, we get to actually see how vast our community truly is.  Even if it’s your first time and you’re a little overwhelmed, there’s always someone there to help you along the way.

So what will tomorrow bring us? Another 7 minutes of sob-inducing burpees? How about Snatches as far as the eye can see? Can we expect handstand push ups? Toes to bar? In the tradition of CrossFit, we must be ready for anything…because certainly, ANYTHING is possible!

Good luck to everyone!