WOD 1.22.14

I know, I know. I haven’t posted a workout in AGES. It’s been all recipes, beer, breweries, and Whole Life Challenge rants.  I wasn’t planning on writing anything about todays WOD, but then I got to thinking that it’s actually a really good one for when you can’t make it to the gym.  Especially with […]

10 Minute at Home WODs

With the Whole Life Challenge coming up, it’s going to be important to have some quick 10 min workouts in your back pocket for days that you can’t make it to the box. Even if you’re not participating in the Challenge, it’s good to have these ready to go for when you’re on vacation, […]

WOD 9.15.12 : WLC baseline

Today marks the start of the 56-day Whole Life Challenge.  We kick it off with a baseline workout that we will do once more upon completion of the challenge.


* 7 Overhead Kettle bell swings (16/24kg)
* 7 Burpees
* 50m shuttle run

September 15th, 2012|Fitness, Training & Competitions, Whole Life Challenge, Workouts|0 Comments