5 Mistakes You’re Making During WLC

As we reach the halfway point of the Fall 2014 Whole Life Challenge, everyone is starting to get into the groove. Veterans have likely found some new modes of play, and newbies are starting to get the hang of it. There are a few mistakes, though, that vets and noobs alike all seem to make. […]

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WLC Frequently Used Excuses

Whole Life Challenge FUE (Frequently Used Excuses)
Let’s first talk about what it is. It’s an 8 week lifestyle challenge in which you earn points for sticking to the nutrition rules, getting 10 min of exercise, stretching for 10 min, drinking water, being active in the game via reflections, and various lifestyle challenges.  You can visit […]

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Change Your Vocabulary to Take Control of Food Choices

I’m going to start by saying that I’m not feeling very funny today.  I’m in a wonderful mood, but what I want to talk to you about doesn’t inspire much by way of wit.  Let’s have a chat about how we can make your life easier. The Whole Life Challenge has officially kicked off. In […]

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On Making the Change. Prepping for WLC or going Paleo.

So, the time has come. You’ve decided to join in the fun and sign up for the Whole Life Challenge.  Maybe you’ve just had it with feeling crappy and you keep hearing all of this great stuff about “going Paleo” and are finally ready to give it a try yourself.  Either way, you’re ready to […]

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5 Reasons Paleo is Making You Fat

It’s hard to think CrossFit and not also think Paleo.  The Paleo movement is an undeniable one.  It seems simple enough: eat real foods that you could’ve gotten before industrialized agriculture came around. Eat whole, unprocessed, natural foods. Cut out grains, sugar, and dairy.  Easy peasy.

So you started CrossFit. You heard about Paleo and all […]

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On Throwing in the Towel

So here we are. In the home stretch of the Whole Life Challenge. In case you missed it: the WLC is an 8 week long life style challenge where you earn points for sticking to nutrition rules, exercising daily, and completing weekly lifestyle challenges.

The first week of the challenge was hard for me. My job […]

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