The Best Shit I Ate This Year. Food In Review: 2017.

There are so many options of things to recap when one year ends and another begins. Do I tell you of all of the best shit I bought? All of the gear that I was obsessed with? Sure. I might do that. But first I’m going to tell you about my favorite FOODS of 2017…BECAUSE […]

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Food, Lattes, and Lifting in Minneapolis, MN

Leave it to Minneapolis to immediately exceed my expectations. 

What am I doing in Minneapolis (or Minneanapolis as I kept saying when telling friends where I was going. I knew it was wrong…but I couldn’t figure out why.)? Well, The Movement Minneapolis is hosting an event called Pull For Pride. There are a few of these […]

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Burlington, VT. Food, Coffee & CrossFit.

This past fall, I returned to the NTA. This time, as a group leader to assist in the next class of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners. There are a lot of choices when it comes to the venue. I took my class in Hartford. Listen, nothing against Connecticut…but Hartford…it was basically a concrete jungle. When my instructor, […]

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I Killed A Bird. Wing Shooting in Idaho.

We use some words so often that they lose their meaning. Words like ‘amazing’, ‘awesome’, and ‘incredible’.

Was the salad you had last night really AWESOME? You found yourself in awe of that mix of spring greens, and olive oil and lemon dressing, with some shaved red onion and almonds? Delicious. Sure. Awesome? Maybe not.

For four […]

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I Just Want to Eat. And Lift.

I’ve spent a lot of time with this blog of mine, trying to discover what it is. What exactly is it that I want to say? What am I trying to communicate? What’s the point?

At first it was beer. Craft beer and CrossFit. Two things that I love.  

Beer, sadly, is now a forbidden love. […]

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Porta: Asbury Park and Jersey City, NJ

One of the things that I promised when I decided to change the direction of the blog a bit was some help in navigating menus at some of my favorite restaurants.  I figured a good one to start with would be Porta Pizza in Asbury Park.  Porta opened three years ago and has been a […]

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