#91 – “Rich Froning Does Not Like Second Place” – with Laura Bruner from My Radical Roots

This week we welcome back our friend Laura Bruner from myradicalroots.com.

Topics include:

Brief thoughts on the events in Charlottesville, VA and the place of social media.

Then, it’s life after baby: aware parenting, getting back into the gym, baby blues and postpartum depression.

Rest days for Pos.

CrossFit Games 2017 recap and the future of the CF athlete.

You can […]

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#89 – Do You Eat Things With a Face? You’re Not a Vegetarian.

I love when Taylor from SheThrivesBlog comes ‘by’ the show. 

We’re talking about some dilemmas in wedding planning, answering questions about our booze of choice, losing the last 5-10 lbs, not losing weight with CrossFit, fueling during long runs, our favorite gear, and what supplements we think are worth your while and which are meh.

To learn more […]

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#88 – Eating Bread Again, 100lbs Down with Paleo, Working in a Professional Kitchen, Social Media Backlash and When Followers Freak, the Politics of Dietary Advice, and Better Food Photos with Joshua Weissman

We’ve got SO much to talk about this week.

Everett and Kristin kick off the show with a little talk about checking your ego in the gym and how CrossFit is making the Games fun again. Then. we’re joined by Joshua Weissman to talk about everything from how he lost 100+ lbs at 16, to what […]

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#87 – Listener Questions Part 2: Why Dogma Doesn’t Help, Losing 100 lbs, Picking a Collagen, How To Calculate Macros, CrossFit Games Boredom, and Non-Dairy Lattes.

Part 2 of our listener question episode.

We’re talking about a lot this week, so here are some terms that you may want to be familiar with:

Macros – Refers to macronutrients (Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats). Macro-plans provide people with a set level in grams of each macronutrient to eat each day.

Collagen – Collagen helps make up the structure of […]

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#86 – The Psychology of Eating with Melissa Hemphill. Why Who We Are As Eaters Matters More Than What We Eat.

When we were posed with a question about counting macros and how that relates to recovering from an eating disorder, I decided that our listeners would be better served by my calling in someone with more specific experience on the topic. So I called someone who doesn’t only focus on motivation, mindset and athletics, but […]

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#85 – What The Health, Slumps in CrossFit, Counting Macros Long Term, Keto vs Paleo, and Lessons in Lifting Competitions,

Today we’re answering your questions.


What The Health Documentary
Keto vs Paleo
Slumps in CrossFit 
Counting Macros Long Term
Sugar-free yogurt 

And obviously….more.

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Don’t freak out! It’s still the same protein, carb, and greens that you love from what was PureWOD…just with […]

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