The Triple M – Mandarin Mint Margarita

Du nuh nuh nuh nuh.


You know it. You love it. You probably have had a night or two full of regret thanks to it. Tequila has a special place in the hearts of many. Face it, you never hear someone talk about how much they love vodka. OK, maybe you do. In college. In Jungle […]

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Hard Cider Old Fashioned

I’m in love.

With a city.

I’ve spent two long weekends in Burlington, VT over the past six months as a group leader for a new class of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners and I am obsessed. 

First of all. There are dogs EVERYWHERE. While I was busy texting and walking, telling Rob that ‘this city is where all the cool […]

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Blueberry Thyme Gin Fizz

Gin is making a comeback, people! I’m telling you!

I was never a big gin drinker. Lately, though, I’ve been super down on the stuff. So what even is gin? Well, it’s basically vodka. Gin is distilled from grain and (traditionally) flavored with juniper berries for its distinct herbal aroma and flavor.




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Watermelon Ginger Margarita

So I’m dipping back into my boozey roots for a little while. This blog actually started back in 2012 as a craft beer blog. It was titled “It’s Better With Beer”. It was a daily check in of what craft beers I was drinking and what workouts I was doing. Slowly but surely, as the years went […]

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Butter Coffee

It’s about time.

I don’t know what my problem was with not having posted any butter coffee recipes. I kind of, stupidly, assumed that everyone knows how to make it already. I forget that there are people who live outside of my butter-filled-bubble. When it gets to the point that people go out of your way […]

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Strawberry ShortShake

See what I did there? This was the last shake of my 7 day shake bender.  I wasn’t feeling super creative and thought to myself: what dessert is virtually impossible to screw up? Answer: strawberry shortcake.  Vanilla cake with whipped cream and strawberries. Fool proof.  The shake come out not only looking great, but tasting […]