I spent years missing out on Brussels sprouts. They were the thing I was supposed to hate! Even though I had never tried them, I decided that they were gross. Well, turns out the joke’s on me because I have been missing out on some seriously delicious eats. This is my favorite way to make them. You get all the caramelized goodness you would from roasting, but these can be knocked it in 10 min on the stove top. They’re also cooked in bacon fat…so there’s that.

2 strips of bacon (or 4 tbsp pancetta)
10-12 Brussels sprouts, with the base cut off and halved
1 tbsp butter
1 garlic clove
Salt and pepper

1) Cook the bacon. Let sit on a paper towel to crisp and leave all the fat on the sauté pan.

2) Over medium heat, place the halved sprouts cut side down. This is a very important step. Don’t just chuck them all in there. Show a little love and lay them out gently into their bath of pig fat. Leave alone for 3-4 minutes.


3) Drop in the butter and garlic and toss. The cut sides will be deep golden brown. Flip everything so that the other side gets some love (season with salt and pepper) and let go another 3 min. For the next 5 min just let sauté, tossing occasionally.

4) Chop up the bacon into little bits and throw them in as well. Give everything a good couple of tosses and you, my friend, are done.


I make these as a side to almost anything. Scrambled eggs, steaks, in a salad. I freaking love them. If you’re eating dairy, shave some pecrino cheese over top and it take it one step more delicious. I had them yesterday in a salad of arugula, chicken, and avocado. I proceeded to pat myself on the back.


There you have it. A fail safe brussels sprouts recipe that it pretty hard to screw up.  For those non-animal-eaters out there, obviously you can omit the bacon.  I’ve made it sans-hog and it still comes out quite delicious. I bet you could even get kids to eat these suckers. Especially with some Pecorino sprinkled on there. That’s it for me. I hope with this recipe you can begin your love affair with Brussels sprouts.