Why wait for January? Avoid the holiday backslide all together. I’m here to help!

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Hey friend!

If you listened to our podcast last week, you may have heard me mention that I would be starting a new coaching program in early 2016. My email subscribers and personal clients already got first dibs, but now it’s time to open it to EVERYONE!

As you know, I’m not just a blogger/iPhone picture taker of food! I’m also a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, CrossFit Coach and Poliquin Institute BioSignature Module Practitioner. Along with my blog, TheGirlWithTheButter, I also run a small Nutritional Therapy Practice, Functional Fare.

I was planning to release my distance coaching program in January, but after my own over doing it Thanksgiving weekend, I decided that if I could use support now, maybe you could too! Why? Because we tend to fall into what I call the Holiday ‘Screw It’ Spiral when we don’t have 1) a plan and 2) support. 

We all know how it goes. Thanksgiving is the start of the infamous holiday season. Gym visits become less frequent, cookies and cocktails seem to be around every corner. Before you know it, one day of relaxing with your goals turns into two, then five, then before you know it November 26 is January 2nd and you’ve spent the past 6 weeks throwing your plans out the window. Enter the New Yers Resolution where we attempt to ‘undo’ everything by ‘locking it down’ out of nowhere on January 1. Cause that works all the time! Right? No.

It’s the holiday backslide, and it happens to us all. Really. You’re not alone. So I’ve decided to open up a very mall number of spots, 10 to be exact (now 8), for one on one coaching through the holiday season and into the new year. Together, we can help you create a plan that will avoid a full on holiday backslide, and set you up on amazing momentum for a healthier 2016. Why not avoid this all together and enjoy your holidays without having to get ‘back on the wagon’ on New Year’s Day?

This isn’t just about  ‘keeping off holiday pounds’, no sir! Maybe you’ve got competitions coming up and don’t want to get derailed by improper nutrition and too much wine. Maybe you just need help planning your weeks in order to keep feeling great. Maybe you’ve spent the entire year with your health as a top priority and you could use a support system keeping that going through the hectic holiday time.

It’s not about AVOIDING all of the treats and fun during the holiday season, it’s about having a plan to do it without feeling crappy or guilty about it and letting yourself indulge without foregoing your goals.

My group of 8 will kick off on December 7 and run through January 31. In 2016, my one on one distance coaching will run for $329. Since it’s important to me to open these spots NOW to help with one of the most challenging times of year, I’m offering up these 8 spots for $199.
You can expect:

Kick off one on one call to discuss goals and a plan
Nutritional Therapy Assessment
8 weeks of onion one coaching
Bi-weekly one on one calls with me
Meal planning and recipes
Weekly goal setting and constant support
GROUP weekly round table calls with other members
Unlimited email support with me
Access to private Facebook group for constant support
Plus more to come!

My goal is to provide you with support to help you enjoy the holiday season without taking 12 steps back. To prevent the need for that ‘New Year’s Resolution’ to get ‘back on track’ on January 1st. I want you to wrap up 2015 and kick off 2016 feeling amazing!

I’m here to support you and help you through a successful, happy, and healthy holiday.  If you would like to claim one of the 8 remaining spots, please fill out the contact form below to set up your kick off call. 

You’re going to spend lots of time and money making others happy this holiday season, make sure you treat YOURSELF well, too!

Yours in health,

Kristin Kaschak, NTP
aka The Girl With The Butter