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I’m Kristin. I love eating. I love cooking. I love lifting heavy things.  I’m a CrossFit coach, a home cook, and a loud mouth.  I have a huge dog named Colt and he is hilarious. . I believe food should be nourishing, in it’s whole form, and be utterly delicious. Oh, and coffee is my spirit animal.

Especially when there’s grass fed butter and coconut oil in it.

My journey to nutrition education and food blogging started way back in 2010 when she joined up at a CrossFit gym. Honestly, somewhat through default since my fiance went and opened one, Absolute Strength Gym (now South Amboy and Long Branch, NJ). At the time, I was still eating whatever I wanted and drinking tons of delicious bubbly beers. My college-pizza-beer weight fell off anyway, thanks to the shock to the system that is doing burpees and lifting things for the first time. It didn’t take long for that shock to wear off and suddenly the weight was sneaking back. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. Eating like crap. That’s what.


I found the Paleo/Ancestral diet and started to I make little changes, got moving every day, and yes, ate more butter.  Now at 30, and am happier, healthier, stronger, and have more vitality that I ever have. I didn’t even know I could feel as good as I do now, and I certainly didn’t know that it could be done by changing what was on my fork.

I dove in. What foods should we eat? Why does Paleo work for so many? Why was it working for me? This was the beginning of my nutrition education that would eventually lead me the Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Certification in 2014 from the Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA).  I am a certified Nutritional Therapist Practitioner, as well as a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Certified Coach, a CrossFIT L1 Trainer, Poloquin Institute BioSignature Practitioner, and a Certified BirthFIT Coach.


I was diagnosed with a hypoactive thyroid in 2009.  While I am still on some low dose medication, I’ve seen my symptoms go down in spades from what I was initially dealing with.  I’ve lost the belly fat and muffin top that caused me so much grief in my early twenties. I feel better physically. Stronger. More vibrant. Than ever before. All of this though, created a complete shift in my perspective. In how I view the world, myself, my plate. It was fascinating, amazing, and made so much sense!

Food in it’s real form.  Who knew?!

The thing that really drives me, that get’s me fired up, is the fact that the more I learn, the more clear it becomes to me that what we’ve been told by the mainstream is dead wrong. We’re all paying the price for Big Food and policy and the involvement of the two on our plates.

Health is not a struggle.

Your body is not the enemy.

It seems so simple, but if we just treat our bodies properly, and feed it the right stuff, health comes naturally.

165 up

Anyone, in any lifestyle, can make health a priority. Me? I’ve worked at a craft beer distributor for over 5 years, throughout my entire lifestyle shift. How’s that for a challenging environment? It’s all about making it work for you.

I focus on showing you how you can regain control of your health. Showing you that eating a diet rich in nutritious, whole foods in their natural forms is not only doable, but can (and will) drastically improve your well being.  We need to get back to basics. I have a Weston A. Price, whole foods, Paleo, Nutrient-dense, Caveman, Ancestral, whatever you want to call it, approach.  I do not believe that eating well means sacrificing or starving. The key is education. I am not here to tell you what to do. I’m here to help you learn about your choices, and make the ones that you want to make that will help you reach your goals.

 Through nutrition, we can work towards better health.

I do not offer one on one coaching at this time, but would love for you to consider joining my Small Group Coaching Plan called Primal Precision: where you follow a custom macronutrient plant hat is based in real foods to help you meet your physique or performance goals without sacrificing food quality of health in the process.


Let’s get you feeling awesome!


That's Colt. He's creepy.

That’s Colt. He’s creepy.



*Please note that I am not a Registered Dietician. I am Certified as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner with the Nutritional Therapy Association. I also hold certifications with the CHEK Institute (Holistic Lifestyle Coach) and CrossFit, Inc. (Level 1 Trainer Certificate Holder). 

*The information provided on this blog and it’s attached downloaded products, guides, or eBooks, is for general information only and are not a suitable substitute for professional medical advice to diagnose or treat medical conditions.