Hello there, little lamb.

If you’ve spent any time here with me, you already know I’m not very good at small talk, so let’s get right down to business, shall we? A change in direction…

Whatever could I mean by that? Take a stroll with me down memory lane.  I started this blog as ItsBetterWithBeer.com three years ago, as a 365 day endeavor in which I strived to drink a different beer and do a different workout for each day of the year. It was the embodiment of my general belief: That living a healthy lifestyle and loving craft beer and good food are not mutually exclusive. Around day 200, I got smacked with a cold and didn’t want to drink beers OR workout for a over week and sadly, the streak was ended. One day, I will try again. One day!

After that, I shifted over to EatDrinkWOD. The principles remained the same. I love cooking. I love craft beer. I love good food. I love CrossFit and being active. I love experimenting with Paleo recipes. I believe in the Paleolithic/Ancestral/Nutrient-Dense approach to nutrition. On this new blog, I shared Paleo recipes, discussed my experiences with CrossFit, told you all about the beers I’m trying and breweries I get to visit. As time went on, I found myself going deeper down the nutrition/food/cooking rabbit hole and the things I was posting seemed to focus more on that and less on the booze.  Where I used to have to make sure I got some CrossFit/Food stuff posted, I now found myself thinking “Oh shit I gotta post some beer things!”.


This was not just on the blog. My lifestyle simply shifted. I still work in craft beer, and I love it!  Visiting breweries, beer bars, and enjoying the plethora of pints that they have to offer along with the kick ass people that come with them will always be one of my favorite things to do.  I can still talk someones ear off about the superiority of a craft beer.  That being said, I simply don’t slug it as much anymore. I’m getting old. I honestly just can’t.  I know people who can. A lot of people. I am not one of them.  The day after a bender is not me chugging coffee, wearing sunglasses, laughing about how hungover I am.  The morning after in my world, because I’m 87 years old, involves praying to that porcelain god, with an ice bag over my face, blinds drawn, and an SVU marathon on the television.  OK, that last part is pretty amazing, but the rest of it straight sucks. I’m a great drinker, but a really shitty wake-up-the-next-day-er. It’s a sad truth that took me a long time to accept. Nothing beats an IPA, sitting at an outdoor bar, on a warm summer day.  I still believe that. I will still do that. BUT my great big bitch of a body just can’t handle it all the time anymore.  I’ve realized I like feeling good too much. As much as I love beer, it simply does not love me back. Bitch.

My lifestyle, in general, seemed to mirror these changes. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE a good pint of craft beer. I will go out of my way to find a stool at a great beer bar. However, as I furthered my education in nutrition and continued participating in my favorite 8 week game (The Whole Life Challenge), I found myself wanting to spread the knowledge I was gaining.  I started looking into nutrition classes and continued education way outside either my chosen career or college education, for the sheer fact that I wanted to learn it. I became more interesting in offering information, recipes, tips, tricks, and rants about this new lifestyle that I found myself adopting.

It was a slow evolution, and it took five years to get me to this point.  As I sit now, EatDrinkWOD has become much more Eat, WOD, and sometimes Drink.  Basically, I had a huge ah-ha moment that shifted everything about what I was doing: I can’t keep living like I’m maintaining if I’ve still got so much progress to make.

So, what does that mean for the blog? Well, I think I’ve kept myself pretty close to the vest. I never share too much about what I’m doing. Just recipes, beers, and some insight. Shit’s about to get real.  Going forward, I’m going to be focusing more on where my 28 years of life has brought me. I’m now healthier than I have ever been, and know more about food than I ever wanted to.  I still love a good beer, cocktail, or glass of wine. I will still take the occaisional pizza to the face.  However, the choices I’m making are becoming better ones, without really much thought.  Here’s what you can expect to see from now on:

More frequent blogging (like, more than once a month) about my real, day to day, experiences with all of this mess.  Food, CrossFit, cooking, eating, drinking…We’re gonna get to know each other real well.

My babble about the crap that goes on with CrossFit. All of the triumph, defeat, joy and frustration that comes with being a 5 day a week, intermediate, Games-nerd, CrossFitter.  All of the stuff that those of us who take exercising too seriously know too much about.

Recipes, shopping lists, meal plans, and more nutrition information.  More about the ‘why’s’ behind the Paleo/Nutrient-dense approach to food, and ways to make it easy to implement in your life. I post a ton during the Whole Life Challenge, and I will keep that ish up fo’ sho..does ‘fo’ require an apostrophe? Anyway, part of bringing Paleo to your life is learning how to eat what you want when you’re out of the cocoon of your house. I love eating out, and I have become very adept in not only finding restaurants that fit my needs, but being able to have a meal virtually anywhere without compromising. From now on, when I eat out somewhere, I’ll share that with you and show you what I did to keep that shit on point. We’ll talk about what to do when you’re in the real world. It’s not such a scary place.

New kicks! Nabbed up the Reebok Nano 4.0s and I am super into them.

New kicks! Nabbed up the Reebok Nano 4.0s and I am super into them.

Reviews! I’m such a gear and cookbook nerd, but it’s never really something I share with you guys.  I recommend books, cookbooks, shoes, clothes, and all that shit to my friends on the regular…yet I never share that cherished information with you people. That will change!  I’m going to start cooking my way through the books already on my shelf and then work my way into all the new awesomeness that’s out there.

So much to read and cook, so little time.

So much to read and cook, so little time.

I will still bring you all of the beers, drinks, great restaurants and places I get to visit.  That’s a major part of what I love.  The fat kid lush who lives inside me will never die.  She’s just calmed down a little bit and is now much more quality that quantity. My liver and head are thankful.


Because sometimes, even if you know better, you still just want a beer.

I’m sure the beer focused of you are not going to be thrilled about this, but given the content I’ve been putting up lately..If you’re not into it you’ve probably already unfollowed me! It’s ok. I forgive you. We’ll grab a pint at the bar and make friends again.

So that’s it! A new chapter for me and my narcissistic tendencies to tell the internet my thoughts via a free blog. You’ll see some changes around here over the next few weeks and I hope it’s all stuff you can get something out of. I want to help make living well as easy, fun, approachable, and real for people as I can, and I will do my best to accomplish that here.

Here’s to turning the page!

Eat well. Drink Well. Live well.