Quick note about today’s show. If you listened last week, you know that this week I’m talking to Chrissy King. She is a powerlifter, fitness/nutrition coach, and writer, but that is not the whole topic of discussion today.

After the events in Charlottesville, VA in August of 2017, Chrissy wrote a powerful blog post about why social justice issues DO belong in the fitness/wellness conversation. After reading her post, I decided to invite her on to continue the conversation that her post started.

We talk a lot about how to train and what to eat on this show, but we also speak often to total well-being. This includes stress management, mindset, overcoming challenges, changing your perspective, relating to others, and finding strength within oneself. This is what we’re talking about today.

I understand that this may feel like a way too political conversation for a ‘paleo’ show. I get it. I acknowledge that we may have very different views and some of you may feel defensive, upset, or even find this conversation offensive. In that case, go ahead and skip the show. I ask that you try to open your mind, heart, and ears in an effort to get uncomfortable for the sake of growth.

Understand that Chrissy and myself are coming from a positive place with this conversation. We’re not talking about conservatives, republicans, liberals, or democrats. We’re talking about us, as human beings, and how we relate to each other. We talk about WHY topics like racism, sexism, and other social justice issues DO, in fact, have a place in the health and wellness conversation. As Chrissy says in the show: “When someone tells you their story – believe them.”

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