We’ve got SO much to talk about this week.

Everett and Kristin kick off the show with a little talk about checking your ego in the gym and how CrossFit is making the Games fun again. Then. we’re joined by Joshua Weissman to talk about everything from how he lost 100+ lbs at 16, to what it’s like working in a professional kitchen, to the politics of food and nutrition. At 21, he’s got more kitchen chops than most and some pretty great insights into how to break away from Paleo dogma to find what works best for you.

Topics include:

How he lost 100+ lbs as a teenager with paleo
Why and how he started reintroducing non-paleo foods (like bread)
Food blogging vs actually working in a kitchen
Rebranding and social media – follower backlash
How Paleo may be limiting your reach
The politics of food recommendations
Taking better food pictures

Josh is a food blogger (currently at slimpalate.com), author (The Slim Palate Paleo Cookbook), and now you can learn the basics of cooking with his youtube show “Cooking Is Not That Hard“.

Keep in touch on Instagram @joshuaweissman, or Facebook at The Joshua Weissman


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