Part 2 of our listener question episode.

We’re talking about a lot this week, so here are some terms that you may want to be familiar with:

Macros – Refers to macronutrients (Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats). Macro-plans provide people with a set level in grams of each macronutrient to eat each day.

Collagen – Collagen helps make up the structure of skin, bone, cartilage and muscle. It  is made by our body throughout our lifetimes, with the purpose of helping tissues be more elastic and withstand stretching. We used to eat more collagen in our food (bone broths, bone marrow, stews that cooked forever), but these days it’s less common in our daily diet. Folks take collagen supplements to help increase the level in their bodies. 

CrossFit Games – The final stage of a worldwide CrossFit competition.


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