When we were posed with a question about counting macros and how that relates to recovering from an eating disorder, I decided that our listeners would be better served by my calling in someone with more specific experience on the topic. So I called someone who doesn’t only focus on motivation, mindset and athletics, but studied the psychology of eating which deals with who we are instead of just what we eat. I met Melissa Hemphill at the BirthFIT Coaches Seminar in Venice, CA. As the Regional Director at BirthFIT Colorado , Melissa was speaking at the seminar, covering the mind/nutrition section of the work. A few things that she talked about in regards to how our psychology impacts not only how we view food, but the success with which we’re able to set and achieve our health and fitness goals. When this question came through, I knew that she was who I wanted to call in.

Melissa Hemphill graduated from the Air Force Academy in 2011 and is currently a Captain in the US Air Force based out of Colorado. She has a M.S. in Biology, an Eating Psychology Coach certification, and a few CrossFit, weightlifting, and prenatal yoga certifications. She speaks to actively engaging with mindset, our thoughts, and who we are as eaters – not simply what we’re eating.
Though my main goal was to answer one specific question, it was easy to end up with 40 minutes worth of show on everything from how we talk about food to discovering your true goals through self-reflection and reaching them before you even change what’s on your plate.
To learn more about BirthFIT or follow Melissa, visit BirthFIT.com, BirthFITColorado, or on Instagram at @Birthfitcolorado
If you want to know more about the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, visit psychologyofeating.com

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