My friend Taylor Gage from shethrivesblog is back once more as we recap our weekend at the Girls Gone Strong Women’s Strength and Empowerment Weekend plus talk about why we’re getting jacked and tan with the Bigness Project. Plus, Kristin’s new favorite thing.

Stuff we talk about:

What the hell is the WSEW?
Subtleties of everyday sexism
Stop saying you’re sorry
Why would women want to get BIGGER?
How story-telling screws up our perception
Where does change begin?
What about the men?
How to know what’s best for you.
Strategies for changing mindset, improving your view of yourself, and letting go of body-negativity.

Links to stuff:

Erin Brown, #QueenShit
The First Minute, Kelly Coffey
The Bigness Project*(re-opens May 2)
Passion Planner
Pull For Pride
Lift Like A Girl Tank

*Disclosure time: this is an affiliate reference link, so if you end up signing up I get a lil’ kick back 😉

Check out all of the bomb women we met at the WSEW on Instagram or online:

Elizabeth Akinwale
Erin Brown
Molly Galbraith
Jen Sinkler
Kourtney Thomas
Jennifer Blake (JVB)
Neghar Fonooni
Kelly Coffey
Leigh Peele
Dr. Helen Kollias
Dr. Larissa Mercado-Lopez
Dr. Kara Mohr
Jill Coleman

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