This week, Kristin is flying solo and welcomes back Rob Esposito, owner of Absolute Strength Gym (CrossFit 732 and Long Branch CrossFit), head coach at Long Branch CrossFit and Level 2 USAW Weightlifting coach.

Rob has coached athletes at the 2015 American Open, 2016 Nationals, 2016 University/U25 Nationals and is heading to the 2016 American Open in Orlando, FL. He opened his first CorssFit gym in 2010 in Matawan, NJ and now is the head coach a his second affiliate, Long Branch CrossFit (which opened in 2013).

We’re talking about some competitive weightlifting basics and the growth of olympic lifting in the US, the current state of CrossFit, challenges facing affiliates, and the future of CrossFit as a training methodology.

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