I know that there are people out there who think that gift giving is commercializing the holidays. That it’s all a wash exchanging things

I disagree!

Some of my favorite Christmas memories have been when I got someone a gift that I knew that they were going to love. Watching someone open something you picked out for them that you know they’re going to flip for. One, in particular, was when I got my cousin a Harry Potter snow globe. A little background – this cousin was my mothers god daughter. When my mom passed away in 2006, I took over the roll. Every year, my mom would buy her the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Snow globe. A few years ago, I waited too long and they were sold out. Now, she also LOVES Harry Potter. Enter the coolest snow globe in the world that I can’t believe I found. She lost her shit when she opened it, shocked that I was able to track it down. It. Was. The Best.

This list isn’t going to be THAT personal because let’s face it, I don’t know you or your friends. I do have a trifecta of ideas for what you can get the people in your life with specific interests. I’ll give you a few different price points in each category. None of these links are affiliate links. It’s just my list of shit that I think people would like.

The Coffee Lover



Pot Head Tank Top/T-Shirt

I mean, really. What’s not to love about a great tank or t shirt with a weed-based play on words? Mens, women, and women crops are available at SavageBarbell. ($27.00)



A Chemex Brewer, 

It’s one of those things that everyone wants but no one buys for themselves because it’s at one of those price points where it seems a little expensive for making coffee. Let me tell you though, once you have one, you use it every day and you love it. They’re nice to look at, too. Get the 8 or 10 cup one. Don’t waste your time on the lesser cups. Who makes 15 oz of coffee at a time? No one. That’s who. If you get this though, get them some filters and a pouring kettle, too. ($38.00-$47.50).



Friis Coffee Vault

Any coffee lover will probably be grinding their beans at home instead of buying the pre-ground stuff. Storage can be tricky though. First off – never store beans in the fridge or freezer! Beans should be kept in a dry, cool, place. On your counter is FINE. When it’s stored cold, taken in and out of the fridge/freezer every day, the changing temperature creates moisture. That’s a problem. The Friis Coffee Vault (what I use at home, myself) keeps light AND oxygen out by use of a small filter in the top of the container. It keeps the beans super fresh and your coffee tasting great. ($24.95)



A Quality Coffee Grinder

Grinders tend to be where even the snobbiest of home-brew snobs tend to shortchange. It’s tough to shell out a few hundred bucks for a coffee grinder because hey…they all do the same thing, right? WRONG! Making a great cup of coffee starts with the grinder. Consistency and level of grind (fine vs coarse) impact the end cup of coffee. Being able to select the level of grind and ensuring a consistent size across ever bean you put in is step 1 in your daily perfect cup-o-joe. A really great grinder is something that the coffee lover in your life probably really wants, but won’t buy for themselves.



A Coffee Subscription Service

Most coffee lovers are buying whole beans and grinding them at home. Setting them up with a subscription service for a few moths means they will always have fresh beans at the ready and give them the chance to try some new roasts. Some roasters to look at with focuses on organic/fair-trade/sustainability: Intelligensia, Counter Culture, and other collectives that source from independent roasters, like MistoBox or CraftCoffee.


The Cook/Foodie


A Great Chef’s Knife
You don’t need 7 kinds of knives in the kitchen. All you need is one really great chef’s knife. Anthony Bourdain says, ‘get the biggest one you can use and handle safely’. His brand of choice is Global. There are some ‘better’ brands out there, but they tend to require lots of maintenance and regular wet-stone sharpening. Global is more low-maintenance, but will still cut through a tomato like buttah.


Woodchen Cutting boards by PaleoBug

I LOVE THESE BOARDS. I bought one for myself a few years ago, and Katie Cordoza is basically making art with wood for your kitchen. You can even customize the boards by having them etched with whatever you want. It makes them a perfect gift for a housewarming. She also has snack boards, which are great gifts for anyone in your life who likes to entertain. Support the craftswomen of the world! Prices range from $30.00-$48.00 AND you can even get 10% off your order with code woodchen10.



Le Creuset Dutch Oven

There are a few things that I believe to be kitchen essentials. A ditch oven is one of them. The ceramic version from Le Creuset is a classic. Easy to clean, sturdy as hell, it will last you forever, and it comes in a wide variety of colors that will match any personality or kitchen decor. Again, this is one of those things that most folks who love to cook probably want, but don’t get for themselves as they are on the pricey side. They’re SO worth it, though. ($130-$400)



Butcher Box Meat Subscription Service

Grass-fed beef, Pastured Chicken and Heritage Breed Pork delivered each month. You can pick if you want all beef, pork, chicken, or a mix. You’ll get a variety of cuts, and probably something new that you’ve never used before.  You can also opt to gift a one-time box for between $79-129.00.



A Cast Iron Skillet

Every kitchen needs one. That’s all. A 12-incher works for just about everything from eggs to steaks to giant cookies. ($37.00)



Modernist Cuisine at Home

This is not your everyday cookbook. They took the scientific and technical skillz of molecular gastronomy and modern cuisine and put together a cookbook that shows you how to apply it in your home. It’s unlike any cookbook I’ve ever seen. ($101-$140 depending on where you buy it)

The CrossFitter



Onnit Crazy Ass Kettlebells

Bigfoots, and Werewolves, and Chimps…oh my! Everyone should have a KB at home. They’re the easiest way to get a WOD in when you can’t make it to class. Road tripping? Bring it with you. Oh, and they have zombie-bells now, too, for the Walking Dead fan in your life. It’s a basic piece of equipment but Austin-based Onnit has jacked it up with some mean-mugging bells. ($42.00-$214.00)



Lululemon Scuba Hoodie

I just got my first scuba hoodie, which Lululemon enthusiasts have been telling me to get ever since the day I bought my first pair of $98 yoga pants. Now, I always thought everything form Lulu was over priced, but those pants are still in great shape and being worn to everything from flying to office meetings (yup..that’s right) 5 years later. The scuba hoodie is hella warm, with a flattering cut that doesn’t look like a dumpy sweatshirt and a high neckline that acts as a built in scarf. ($118.00)


A Gym Bag Full of Gear

There are a lot of little pieces of gear that seem unnecessary, but can be huge for the regular CrossFitter. Things like Strengthwraps, Natural Grips, Shaker Bottles, A 2pood weight belt, athletic tape, a Hand Repair Kit, a water bottle. All of these things are seriously great and who DOESN’T want a new gym bag?! Reebok has a huge variety of bags, from the classic duffel to backpacks that will fit all of your new shit in them. ($30.00-$60.00 for bag).