(2:10) Everett’s Revenge

(3:40) Kristin’s update on carb acceptance.

(5:05) Butter coffee and intermittent fasting.

(7:00) The power of language and the words you use. Fasting, starving, dying.

(11:34) Quick update from Kristin about the NTA programs and Winter class enrollment.

(14:30) Lent. How is Everett approaching Lent this year with food choices? Coffee, sleep, finishing what you start.

(23:58) Staying on plan and sober through the Super Bowl.

(28:35) Listener Question: Stalled weight loss and frustration with slow progress when going Paleo. 


Links to stuff we talked about:

Intermittent Fasting Reads:
“A Bad Combination for Women: Intermittent Fasting & Paleo”, Bulletproofexec.com
“Shattering the Myth of Fasting For Women.”, PaleoForWomen.com

“Coffee Is Good For You, Unless It’s Not.”, Chris Kresser