We start out with a few updates from Kristin and Everett
(1:10) Farm Hill Meal Delivery and eating well at work
(7:45) Epic bar acquired by General Mills. Thoughts, feelings, concerns.
(13:00) Beef and the environment. ‘Defending Beef‘ by Nicolette Hahn Niman
(18:45) Kristin’s going dry for 30 days. Why it’s worth avoiding alcohol for a month.
(21:30) CrossFit Games Open 2016 Season registration Opens. Are we doing the Open this year?
(22:35) Burpess vs Wall Balls, choose your devil
(24:50) Should you sign up if you’re new to Crossfit?
(25:30) Mistakes to avoid during the open: It’s not that serious, bro. Scaling open workouts. Watching the WOD announcements for strategy.

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