(4:02) – Update on Everette’s pigs

(9:40) – Kristin’s “importance of fitness in real life ” story 

(12:50) –  Getting sick when you’re a health nut, and why it’s OK

(18:00) – Paleo books you should read
Kristin picks: Eat the Yolks/Liz Wolfe; The Paleo Manifesto/John Durant
Everetts picks: Wheat Belly/Dr. William Davis; Grain Brain/Dr. Perlmutter; Omnivores Dilemma/Michel Pollan; Salt, Sugar, Fat/Michael Moss; Salt: A World History/Mark Kurlansky)

(28:50) – Who we follow  in the paleo world
Kristins picks: Jen Sinkler, Taylor at shethrivesblog, Madison at nourishandnamaste
Everetts pick: Russ Crandall at the Domestic Man

(36:58) – What we’re doing in 2016 to be better

(42:45) – Kristin rants about physical therapy and the ‘dangers’ of CrossFit